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Ice Maker 4317943, D7824706Q | Ice Maker Is Not Making Ice

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Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker 4317943, D7824706Q

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Ice Maker 4317943

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Some repair / testing tips to verify this is the part you need:

   The customer complaint is usually my ice maker won't make ice.  This can be a few different things.  1st thing you will want to verify is that the refrigerator / freezer are holding the correct temperature.  If you have ice cream in your freezer you can simply squeeze the box to see if it is soft or hard.  Given it's not a brand made to be soft when frozen you find that the ice cream is soft then you may have a cooling problem which will effect the ice maker's production of ice.  You can also go buy a cold thermometer and place it in the freezer.  If the freezer section holds 0-10 degrees then you should be okay in this area.  Always look for frost building up on the back panel of the freezer section as well to make sure that there isn't a defrost problem that will affect the overall temperature.  Now that you've cover that we can move on to the no ice issue.

   First thing you will want to check is the water fill tube running into the ice maker inside the freezer for any ice build up.  If there is ice build up you will need to remove the tube and clear it out so the ice maker can recieve water again.  This can be caused by keeping your freezer to cold, a bad cold control thermostat, or the coil on the fill valve not closing all of the way when its done filling.

   Next you will need to do is check the water pressure at the water line that ties into the fill valve (the source of the water to the refrigerator).  Shut off the water to the refrigerator.  Using a 1/2 in. wrench, undo the water line.  Have a bucket or a large bowl available and turn the water back on.  If you feel like the water coming in is very strong move to the next step.  If not you will need to find out what is affecting the water pressure before it reaches you refrigerator.

   Now some refrigerators run all water through a filter either under the kick panel or inside the refrigerator section.  When was the last time you changed your water filter.  It is recommended to change it every 6 months.  I would say that is legitament if you have terrible water at your home, otherwise you can probably get away with a year or more if you have a softner and filtration system for all water coming into the house.

   If all of this is okay then you will want to move on to the test at the fill valve.  For this you will need a multi-meter or anything that can test 110vac and a wire with both ends stripped back 1/4 of an inch on each side.  If you want to make it a little easier on yourself you can undo the screws holding the fill valve in place and pull it out where it's a little more accessible.  Undo the harness from the fill valve and place a probe in each one of the terminals of the harness.  If you have a dual or more coil fill valve you will need to track the water line coming from the freezer to the fill valve to make sure that you are testing the right coil on the fill valve.  Remove the cover from the ice maker and you will see a few holes inside labeled with upper case letters.  Take your wire stripped at both ends and one end in the hole labeled N (neutral) the other into the hole labeled M (motor).  You should see the gear on the front of the ice maker start to move.  Keep the wires in N and M until you hear or see a spark then you can remove it the ice maker will keep moving at that point.  If the ice maker gear does not move then you will need to verify power to the ice maker.  You can do this undoing the screws that mount the ice maker and undo the harness from the ice maker.  There are four wires running to the ice maker.  1 is neutral, 1 is line 1, 1 is the line 1 power feed to the fill valve with the gear moves to a certain point in the harvest cycle, and the last is usually a green ground.  The colors vary on these wire so you will need to look at a wiring diagram of the refrigerator which should be hidden somerewhere inside the refrigerator.  You are looking for line 1 and neutral in the diagram.  Once you've located them in the diagram you will test for 110vac between the 2.  If you get 110vac (110-122vac is okay) then replace the ice maker.  If the gear does start then go back and watch your multimeter for a few minutes.  After a minute of so the ice maker should call for water and you will see the meter jump to 110-122vac if it does replace the fill valve it is not sending water when it should.  If the ice maker cycles all the way around and never calls for water then replace the ice maker.

Here is a video on diagnosing an ice maker not making ice:




Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker 4317943, D78247060Q | Ice Maker Not Is Not Making Ice.


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