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Whirlpool Washer Fill Valve 285805

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Whirlpool Washer Fill Valve 285805

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Fill Valve 285805

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Here are some repair / testing tips to verify this is the part you need:

    The normal customer complaint is I'm not getting either hot / cold water, or the water keeps filling after the water level is full causing an over flow.  If you have to shut of the water to the washer to stop it from filling then you will need a fill valve because a coil is stuck open.  Sometimes the customer is not getting much hot or cold water, this could also be the fill valve.  First thing you always want to check if you not getting water is the fill valve screens.  These screens are in place to keep rust or any other particles from getting into the fill valve.  Shut off the water valves and remove the hoses from the fill valve.  Once the hoses are remove you can look inside the fill valve to check for plugged up screens.  If you see any blockage you can use a small screwdrive to remove the screens and clean them out.  Now re-apply the hoses, turn the water on, and turn your washer on to fill the washer.  If your water is now flowing in much better then your problem is fixed.  If it does not improve the water pressure coming into the washer replace the 285805 fill valve.  If you getting no water but hear a hum from the fill valve and have checked the screens for any blockage and still have no water, replace the fill valve.  If you set your washer to fill and hear no hum from the fill valve, switch the water temperature setting to hot and then cold, if one or the other is giving you water, and one or the other is not, replace the fill valve.  If you want to verify that the coil is getting power you will need to remove the 2 screws on the control panel, or using a scraper release the clips on the left and right side under the control panel.  Lift the control panel out of the way, take the 2 gold colored clips holding the cabinet to the back of the washer, and undo the harness to the lid switch.  Pull the cabinet out the way, get a jumper wire ready, and insert the jumper wire between the two colored wires that are not green.  Do not jump the green ground wire unless you want to trip your breaker.  Now that the lid switch is by-passed you can run an a/c voltage test on the fill valve.  Plug you washer back in, turn the timer to fill, and start the washer with the temperature set to cold or hot.  Now test at the two terminals on each coil for 120 vac.  Now change the temperature to the other setting you haven't tested and test the other coil for 120 vac.  If your getting power to both coils but not getting water from one of them replace the fill valve.

Here is a video on taking apart you whirlpool washer and showing you where the 285805 fill valve is located:


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Whirlpool Washer Fill Valve 285805


   The Whirlpool washer fill valve 285805 fits Whirlpool washers and all like makes and models.  Our cost is $21.99, has a 1 year warranty, and free shipping!  You can give us a call anytime during our store hours are Monday - Friday 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. and Saturday 9 A.M. - 12 P.M. eastern standard time.  For those searching after business hours you can submit any questions to our on line form on our contact us page and we'll get back to you the next business day.